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Pigs and rabbits fighting against each other is something you don’t see every day. The people from Channel 42 and Fishtank Interactive however decided there’s nothing better than to have an RTS where animals are heavily armed and kick each others butts.

The pigs have decided that their territory isn’t big enough any more for them and unfortunately for the rabbits they find rabbitland to be pretty nice to use as home terf so they start the invasion.

You can choose whether you want to play with the rabbits or with the pigs, and depending your choice you’ll get loads of tanks, air planes, helicopters and heavy artillery specific to that race.

As you can imagine, S.W.I.N.E. isn’t a realistic strategy game. The look and feel of the game are very cartoon-like with piggies and rabbits giving comments on each other all the time, with the rabbits having a French accent and the pigs having a German one (yea, we all know Germans are pigs ;p)

Vehicles like tanks and jeeps bounce like an American car with broken suspension, making the game look rather comic.

In total you’ll have 15 missions on each campaign and also the possibility to do some multiplayer modes like Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Destroy the base, with 10 multiplayer maps being included in the game.

During each mission you’ll be able to buy upgrades for your vehicles or buy new units, but beware, everything has a price and prices in rabbitland are not cheap.

S.W.I.N.E. is currently in Alpha 1 stage meaning that alot of features are still missing (and the text of the mission briefings is still in Hungarian!) but the game didn’t even crash once, something many retail games these days can’t say.

This game is not intended to be for Hard-core RTS-gamers (although they might want to give it a try) but rather looks like being targeted at a younger audience to give them their first RTS-experience and to be honest, from what we’ve seen and played it looks like they’ll succeed in that.

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