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Catherine managed to recreate a Sabretooth from DNA, but during transportortation it manages to escape. In prehistoric times it used to hunt for two-ton mammoths so you can realise what it will do to lovebirds spending a weekend in the Californian woods. Who else is camping there and far more important who will be able to go camping ever again?

Sound and Vision:
The image is very clear and there is no need to choose another gamma-preset on your television to see things brighter. In movies like this the recreated animal is of course nothing but special-effects. Unfortunately these effects are nothing compared with what I have seen in other recent productions. Furthermore they have mixed some close-ups of a real jaw in between which makes the animated beast really feels like a Shrek character: too clean to be real.

The soundtrack is not too bad, but lacks some punch. The surround is present but does not manage to emphasise a thrilling scene, neither does the music.


This is a weekend movie, easy to follow without boring a single second. Although all the basic elements are there and the acting-performances are decent it never really convinces either. I truly liked John Rhys-Davies (General Pushking in License To Kill) here because he is a man that got smaller roles in big movies, but is capable of flawless acting in smaller movies too. It is probably due to the lesser special-effects and some unrealistic twists (for example: a man got stuck in a bear-trap, opens it up with seemingly no effort or real pain afterwards while normally these traps are impossible to open in such a way and usually crush your ankle) that this movie is a little shabby without calling it bad

Our Score:

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