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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

When Ascaron in 2004 introduced Sacred nobody thought this hack&slash RPG would become such a big success. It was therefore no surprise that the developers some months ago announced Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The people who can’t wait for Diablo III will certainly be able to dig Sacred 2, but does the game deserve the label sweetner? Will Sacred for once and for all remain as the little brother of Diablo? Or may it grow to the new king of hack&slash?

The reason why Sacred managed to differentiate itself from the other games in this genre was the excellent multiplayer mode where it even leaned towards a MMORPG. Next to that Sacred also had a solid combat system, a non-linear world, and played like a hack&slash needs to play.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is situated 2000 years before the original, where the ancient race of the Seraphim are controlling Ancaria. Only they know how to use T-energy, the source of life, but unfortunately this magical good was given to the High Elves with all the following consequences. Luckily you’re still around to bring everything to a good ending. Or not?

Before you start playing you need to choose from six different characters that are connected to a certain campaign. These vary from a heavenly Seraphim who can only follow the good path, to a hellish Inquisitor who will only reak havoc. The other four, the High Elve, the Shadow Warrior, the Temple Guardian and the Dryade are not campaign-bound and only ask a certain playing style. Both campaigns are good for about 20 hours of playtime and that’s without the sidequests. However, don’t expect two fully different campaigns but rather some small changes in the missions.

Attacking your enemies is done through a simple point&click system. With experience points you can shape your enormous skill three that has more branches than an oak. Thousands of items, weapons, armor, combos, spells… are available and they’re also upgradeable through runes. Add to that about 500 sidequests, a ton of dungeons and a map covering about twenty square kilometers and you immediately know what you get with this game.

Audiovisually Sacred 2 doesn’t drop the ball. A vivid world, a breathing fauna and flora, a beautiful day/night cycle and the decent humour of the NPCs make for the necessary atmosphere that the game tries to bring forth. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t want to follow all that great to admire all this beauty. You’ll often run into difficulties during combat in dungeons or woods, but luckily the camera can be controlled freely.

A very unique addition is the possibility to play a campaign with up to sixteen players. Through a simple drop-in-drop-out system you and your friends can go do the missions. And there’s more, as you can even play through the built-in wireless lan mode whithout having to use a router. Both online and offline we never even experienced any lag!

Sacred 2: fallen Angel has become a worthy successor to Sacred. On all aspects this game knows a huge progress. Fans of this genre have already pre-ordered their copy of Diablo III and are awaiting anxiously for it to arrive, but why should you have to choose? Follow my advise and buy both!

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