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Sahara SE

Dirk Pitt (McConaughey) is a treasure hunter who’s been looking for ages for the remains of an ironclad that has gone missing during the end of the civil war between North & South in the US. When he arrives in Africa together with his crew, he manages to get hold of a coin that prooves the ship is somewhere in the Sahara desert and of course he can’t let this opportunity go to check it out. Together with his pal Al Giordino (Steve Zahn) he heads off to Mali and in the meantime manages to save the life of a World Health Organization doctor (Penelope Cruz) several times while she’s investigating some epidemy

Sound and Vision:
Sahara has very good image quality with bright colors, sharp detail, good contrast and no compression errors. There’s some minor grain but hardly worth mentioning.

The soundtrack is also very enjoyable with good use of all channels and also the subwoofer gets a decent piece of the action.

– Across the sands of the sahara (15 min.)
– Visualising Sahara (20 min.)
– Making of (10 min.)
– B-roll (4 min.)
– 9 Interviews
– 4 deleted scenes
– Webisode (2, 50 min.)
– Trailer

A couple of extras that go nicely with the movie. Nothing special though as you probably guessed already from the amount of time each extra takes.

I’m all but a fan of Matthew McConaughey but for once he surprised me by putting up a quite decent and even enjoyable performance as what might become the first of a series of Indiana Jones-type movies. Yes, Sahara may not have the main character in the title, but it’s clear that there quite some potential present to make at least one sequel and possibly even more. Based on the book by Clive Cussler, we get a fairly predictable but enjoyable storyline that offers enough opportunities for some nice humour and the cast does a decent job to live up to our expectations. Ok, you can say that the storyline an sich is too predictable, but wasn’t Indiana Jones as well?

For the technical stuff we can say Universal did a decent job with some nice extras and good image and sound quality. Especially the DTS track is worth mentioning and we always like metal casings 🙂

Our Score:

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