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Saint Sinner

In 1815, Thomas Alcala and his brother sneek down to a secret room in their monastery where they find a strange artefact. When they touch it, however, it becomes clear that they’ve unleashed two Succubi (demons who feast on the life force of men) and before anyone can do anything, they manage to escape to the future through the “Wheel of Time”.

Thomas, grieved by the death of his brother by the succubi, travels into the future with his only goal being to bring justice to what has happened and make right what he did wrong by killing the succubi. Meanwhile, the two demons have started a killing spree and detective Rachel Dressler and her partner are on to it. Their investigation leads straight to Thomas who instantly becomes prime suspect number one.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with nice detail, good color use and without any compression errors or artefacts.

The soundtrack is 5.1 and tries to make up for the bad movie with subtle use of rear channels, nice spreading of all channels and a subwoofer that gets used when necessary.

Nothing (luckily)

Saint Sinner may be from the hand of Clive Barker (the man who wrote Hellraiser) but my guess is it’s time he goes either looking for new inspiration or gets some more money to have a decent movie made out of his stories. The storyline is simplistic, the acting horrible and I never thought Succubi were plain ugly.

Our Score:

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