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Salem's Lot mini-series

Writer Ben Mears (Lowe) returns to his hometown, Jerusalem’s Lot, to start writing a new book, but his arrival isn’t the only one. Two antique dealers have arrived in town as well, and have installed themselves in the Marsden house, where during Ben’s childhood a terrible murder&suicide happened. The antique dealers, Richard Straker (Sutherland) and his associate, Kurt Barlow (Hauer), are the first to inhabit the house since the killings, and the town’s people think nothing of it although they believe the house is haunted. Ben on the other hand finds it very strange they have an interest in the house, especially seeing that only Straker appear to come into town.

When little after their arrival, people and children start missing, Ben thinks something is very wrong and starts to investigate, but when more and more people become ill or disappear and strange sightings during the night are observed, it becomes clear that Barlow and Straker aren’t your average antique dealers and the future of the town is at stake…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are quite decent for a tv series and even comes very close to that of a movie. Compression errors or other problems are completely absent.

The soundtrack is not as dynamic as we could have gotten seeing the material at hand, but still I won’t complain as it does what it should do.


Salem’s Lot is a new TV version of the movie based on the book by Stephen King. The storyline from the book isn’t followed completely but that doesn’t bother. In fact, this verion is actually better than the original movie in my opinion. The acting is better, and the vampires are a lot more convincing. Of course, this is probably because the cast – although well-known names – aren’t the most expensive ones in Hollywood anymore. The image and sound are good enough for a tv product, only too bad we don’t get any extras. On the other hand, one could ask what extras we would expect (except maybe an interview with Stephen King and his view on this TV remake). All in all a good dvd for fans of the genre or Stephen King fans.

Our Score:

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