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Salton Sea, The

Val Kilmer is Danny Parker, drug dealer and police informer. Or is he Tom Van Allen, a jazz trumpetist who’s wife was killed? This question is the beginning of a story on how a man can change his entire way of living to get revenge on the people that brought him great sorrow.

Sound and Vision:
The Salton Sea is a very moody and artistic movie and the anamorphic widescreen image is really good. I didn’t spot any compression errors or artefacts, nor grain or low detail. The movie has several different color palettes to show the different area’s and the dvd doesn’t have any problems with these what so ever. Very good !

The soundtrack uses all different channels very well although in a very subtle way. There aren’t too many effects, but those that are present (explosion) make good use of subwoofer and surround speakers. Not spectacular, but sufficient.

We start off with a couple of interviews with cast and crew (Embracing the Chaos) on how the movie was made, followed by a documentary on the production of the film (Meth and Method) which are both quite interesting. Next up are a couple of slides with info on cast and crew and the theatrical trailer. The extras here aren’t large in quantity but definitely good in quality.

The Salton Sea is a very artistic thriller that uses more surroundings and images than blunt action to make its point. Therefor I would say that it isn’t for everyone to enjoy, but people that are fed up with plain action and want a change should definitely check this one out.

Our Score:

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