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Sandlot, The

When Scotty Smalls enters town it’s not easy for him to find any friends. He’s a rather goofy kid who’s better in studying than sports but still he would like to play ball and when he finds a playground where a couple of kids are playing baseball he tries to blend in. At first, things don’t go as good as he had hoped, but since they miss a player to make a full team, he’s allowed to join in and as of that moment he’s got a bunch of friends on which he can really count. When one day his stepdad leaves town and his best friend hits the ball so hard that it explodes, Scotty goes back home to get his dads baseball. The problem, however, is that it’s a very special ball which is signed by Babe Ruth, the best baseball player ever to have lived on earth.

When the ball gets hit over the fence, things turn worse than ever for Smalls as on the other side of the fence is “The Beast”, a vicious dog-like creature that is supposed to eat anyone that gets on his side of the fence. Scotty and his friends will have to do all they can to get back his dad’s ball.

Sound and Vision:
For a budget title, the image isn’t bad at all. Ok, there is some damage in the beginning of the film aswell as some minor compression errors and the detail could have been better at times. Still, there’s nothing really irritating present and the brightness and contrast are very nice.

The 5.1 soundtrack doesn’t use the surround channels at full (no baseball flying around your head) but the subwoofer gets into action quite a lot to give some depth to the threatening sounds of The Beast. The dialogues are nicely centered at the middle speaker and crystal clear.


For a budget title this is a rather entertaining comedy which will definitely be loved by your kids. People who remember “The Goonies” will have flashbacks while seeing this film

Our Score:

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