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Sanity: Aiken's Artifact

At first I didn’t want to review this game since I had some problems playing it, but since I had nothing better to do I thought “Why the hell not ! People are allowed to know the truth !”

You play Agent Cain (voice of Ice T) who’s a psionic cop with special powers. During the game you have to fight against psionic and other bad guys.

That’s about it for what this game is all about. Although the background is pretty nicely worked out, it doesn’t really catch you. Babies that are altered at birth by government experiments making them have special powers is a bit far-fetched for me.

Graphically the game is not bad although not extraordinary. It’s a nice piece of mass production.

You play in top-down view like in Metal Gear Solid, with several cut-scene movies at scripted events. Don’t try to pass these scenes, because you can’t. If you haven’t saved, you’ll have to watch every movie over and over again when you have to restart.

The worst part of this game however is the fact that I don’t have an English version of Windows installed, and the game doesn’t really like that.
Each time I had to reconfigure each key because the game just lost my config each time when starting up !

I’m not going to keep rambling about this, but overall Aiken’s Artifact left me with quite a disappointment. There’s nothing that made me want to play more and it reminded me of some polished-up version of a ancient coin-up games.

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