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Santa Clause 2, The

It’s almost Christmas and Santa/Scott Calvin is preparing to bring thousands of children their presents. However, it seems he’s lost some weight… and then it comes: there’s a second clause! Santa has to get married on Christmas eve or he will loose his job ! And on top of all that, Scott’s son, Charlie, has gotten himself on the “Naughty” list of children who don’t get any presents! Time for Scott to go back to his home town and set things straight, but time is running out and Christmas is getting nearer every minute.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality has improved over the first movie. The level of detail is very good and so is the rest of the image. Edge enhancement, grain, compression errors, etc are abscent while we get bright colors, good contrast and brightness.

The soundtrack also improved over the first movie. There’s more special effects and both surround channels and subwoofer get their bit of the action. Still, nothing really spectacular but the more the merrier we say over here 🙂

We start off with “On the North Pole with Curtis” which is a feature where Curtis shows us around on the set and introduces us to some of the cast. A bit the same is the tour through Elftown which we get from the director and after that you can check out some bloopers but personally I didn’t find them all too funny. Next up is a music video clip by Hilary Duff and
then we go to “Confessions of Legendary Figures” where some of the characters like Father Time, Mother Nature, Easter Bunny, aso… tell a bit how they liked being in this picture. Especially the part of Easter Bunny is nice to watch. Of course we can check out an audio commentary track aswell as watch some deleted scenes. Last up is a game which you can play on your dvd player but personally I didn’t quite find it interesting. Maybe your kids will like it.

The Santa Clause 2 catches on a couple of years after the original story and succeeds quite alright in bringing us an entertaining story. However, the movie is very predictable even though there are quite some twists to try making things a bit more interesting. The extras are definitely made to keep children happy and in my opinion, the makers have succeeded in this. Very nice! Looking for a movie for your kids ? Don’t look any further, The Santa Clause 2 will bring a smile to their faces!

Our Score:

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