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Santa Clause, The

Scott Calvin drives home from work on Christmas Eve. His son Charlie is coming to visit him for this event, but doesn’t really feel like spending time together with his dad. The whole evening everything goes terrible and then, when Calvin wakes up in the middle of the night from “clatter” outside, they find out there is someone on the roof. When Scott tries to get this person’s attention, the man falls of the roof. Scott killed Santa Claus. Charlie climbs up the roof to the watch the sleigh and the reindeer and tries to convince his dad to do the same. Meanwhile, Scott has found a card on Santa stating that if anything would happen to Santa, he would have to put on the suit and the reindeer would do the rest. But what Scott didn’t read are the little letters… when putting on the suit, you also get the responsabilities…

Sound and Vision:
No grain, no distortion, contrast ok, brightness ok No edge enhancements. Still, the amount of detail in certain scenes could definitely be enhanced but overall we really can’t complain.

I appreciated the sound very much. Although there aren’t many special effects to enjoy, you can hear every little sound very clear coming from the surround speakers while the dialogues are well-positioned at the center speaker. The Subwoofer however doesn’t have a lot of work but that’s not really an issue as there’s not enough action to make it shine.

“Do you want to be an elf” is a short feature where one of the characters (Bernard) gives some inside info on the production but all in all this feature is not really interesting as nothing gets done in-depth. “The Help of Santa” is a game but unfortunately it didn’t work on my dvd player so I can’t say anything about it. Last up is a feature where you get some recepies for Christmas food.

The Santa Clause is the perfect Christmas movie with Tim Allen being the perfect guy for his role of Scott Calvin who transforms into Santa Clause and has to deal with the responsibilities that come along with the job. The sound and image quality are good while the extras aren’t anything special. Definitely a Christmas movie that will bring joy to the kids 🙂

Our Score:

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