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Santa's Slay

Santa Claus isn’t the happy children lover we all know. In fact, he’s the son of Satan and has had to be nice the last 1000 years after losing a bet from an angel. However, the 1000 years are over and he’s now determined to catch up on his killing…

Sound and Vision:
The image isn’t all too great. There’s color bleeding, some edge enhancement and cross colourisation.

The suondtrack is pretty standard with clear dialogues and a couple of effects coming from the surround speakers but don’t expect too much.

– Bloopers

Santa’s Slay is a perfect horror movie for kids. Everything is present from the crazy killer over the disturbed professor to of course the hero children. There’s plenty of killing and gore present but it never gets so bad that teenagers shouldn’t watch it and everything is covered with a sauce of comedy that’s omnipresent. As a B-movie it will never get a status of a cult classic, but Santa’s Slay is at least funny and doesn’t really take itself too seriously. The cameo’s from Fran Drashner and James Caan in the beginning set the tone and up to the very end there’s plenty to laugh with.

Good stuff if you don’t mind the overacting, simplistic storyline, bad special effects and all the other stuff you’re used to see in low budget B-movies

Our Score:

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