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Saw 2 SE

Jigsaw is at it again. Eight victims have been put together in a room where a deadly nerve gas is released. Throughout the house where they are kept, antidotes are present but they won’t be able to get them so easily as each one is boobytrapped. The police quickly find Jigsaw but it becomes clear that him being found is just another part of his sadistic game as Jigsaw has included detective Eric Matthews’ son as one of his victims and if Matthews doesn’t work along with Jigsaw, his son is certain to die.

Sound and Vision:
The original format of the movie is 1.85:1 but the dvd contains an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 which luckily doesn’t disturb. There’s some grain present but this is intentional to go along with the atmosphere. Overall, the image quality is near perfect.

The DTS track is great with lots of effects and good use of all available channels. The surround speakers are used to create additional atmosphere with music and some effects while the subwoofer nicely supports the whole with the necessary bass. Dialogues are at all times crystal clear.

Disc 1:
– Audio commentary track by director Darren Lynn Bousman and actors Donnie Wahlberg and Beverley Mitchell.

Disc 2:
– Jigsaw’s Game: 3 minute feature where we get to see some behind the screens footage on some of the boobytraps
– The Traps Of Saw II: 4 boobytraps are given a closer look and how they came to exist
– “Bits & Pieces”: The Props Of Saw II: 4 minute special effects feature
– Storyboard comparison: 4 scenes are given a storyboard comparison

Saw 2 is a good sequel to the first movie. Although the surprise element is obviously smaller than in the original due to the fact that we already know “who did it”, the storyline does offer enough of a plot to keep the viewer interested. The dvd contains excellent image and sound quality added with a couple of interesting features to create a nice dvd package. Good work from Universal!

Our Score:

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