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Saw 3 2-Disc Bloodpack Edition

Jigsaw, the psychopath that’s dying from cancer, has eluded the police at the end of Saw 2 and managed to stay free to continue his “games”. His condition has worsened though, and he’s pretty reliant on his sidekick Amanda. Also the cops seem to notice the difference as his victims don’t really get a chance to escape anymore, which they previously always had.

As his disease has gotten worse, Jigsaw is now retained to his bed and therefore he has Amanda abduct doctor Lynn Denton who’s hiding a couple of dark secrets from her family. He decides to put her to the test and in the meantime have her nurture him. If he stays alive until his latest victim has finished his test, she’ll remain alive as well. If he dies, however, a custom-made necklace will kill her the moment his heart stops.

Sound and Vision:
Saw 3 has received an excellent transfer where compression errors are absent, just like grain and other imperfections. The image is very stylized with green and blue taking the lead qua colors which nicely fits with the previous movies.

The accompanying DTS track is again very good with nice spreading of the front channels, crystal clear dialogues and good use of the surrounds and subwoofer for support. Nice!

– The Traps Of Saw 3: 10 minute feature where we get to see the designers and prop builders talk about the traps that were used in Saw 3
– The Details Of Death: The Props Of Saw 3: an 8 minute feature on the props and make-up that were used to show the effect of the traps
– Darren’s Diary: Anatomy Of A Director: a B-roll kinda feature
– Audio commentary: The same movie but accompanied with an audio commentary track by the director and producer. A waste of a lot of space on the disc
– Linernotes
– Photo Gallery
– Deleted Scenes

In Saw 3 we get to see a pretty similar setup as with the previous two movies. There are links to those in the story but unfortunately the overall experience lacks originality and that’s why we would hope we don’t get to see a fourth part. Where Saw 2 still had some unexpected plot twists that could surprise you and were quite fun to watch, this one doesn’t seem to have any punch left. Much like a dying cancer patient.

Dutch Filmworks did a great job on the packaging as it totally rocks, but the extras on the other hand aren’t worth checking out. The biggest scam is the commentary track that takes up a huge chunk of space as it includes the movie again. The guy that approved this should be shot. Or put in one of Jigsaw’s traps for that matter.

All in all fans of the series should probably buy this release to complete their collection but if this movie would have been the first in the series we probably wouldn’t have seen any sequels and that says enough in my opinion.

Our Score:

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