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Two guys wake up in what looks like a dirty bathroom. In the middle, there’s a dead man laying in his own blood. Everything looks like the guy has shot himself. It doesn’t take them long to find out that they’re captured by the “Jigsaw Killer”, a murderer who actually never kills anyone himself, but let’s his victim kill each other. So the question now is: how can they get out without having to kill each other?

Sound and Vision:
We didn’t spot any problems in the image and that’s pretty good from Dutch Filmworks as there’s plenty of scenes in the bathroom that are just aching to show compression errors. The movie plays a lot with colors. You’ll see that the scenes where the victims are set up have a greenish and cold tint while other scenes have vibrant colors.

The soundtrack comes in DTS as we’re used from DFW’s top titles and again it’s very good. The music really pounds from the speakers and while the surround channels are well-used where possible, the subwoofer most definitely also gets its piece of the action. Great!

None, for extras you need to get the 2-disc special edition

From time to time you get to see a movie that really surprises you. Saw is one of those. Although there’s a lot of gruesome things present, the director, James Wan, has nicely made sure that there’s hardly any violence directly shown. Much like Tarantino’s scene in Reservoir Dogs where Michael Madsen cuts off the ear of Tim Roth. Imagination is stronger than image and Wan prooves this again 🙂

I’ve already mentioned Reservoir Dogs but there’s another classic movie that has some analogy with Saw: The Usual Suspects. Much like this great film, Saw manages to surprise the viewer with a fantastic plot twist at the end that makes the movie all the better. And if that isn’ enough to convince you, I can add that although the only well-known actor is Danny Glover, the acting is very good!

On the technical side, Dutch Filmworks delivers again a great dvd that should be set as example for other publisher. All in all, Saw is a fantastic horror movie that manages to bring the violence of Reservoir Dogs and the plot twists of The Usual Suspects together and bring these to the horror genre.

Our Score:

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