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The XBox is meant more as a console for “adults”. When I got this game in my hands I immediately saw that this was meant for a younger generation. The crew didn’t have many good words to spare for this “kiddy platform game” either. I got rid of all those prejudices and started it up.

Let’s start with the storyline of the game – which actually has a nice intro: you’re Bobby, a 12-year old guy who discovers the dark secret of his neighbour; he wants to conquer the world with an army of mutated super soldiers and for this he needs all the lizards in the world. Bobby, also a big animal lover, gets caught by his vicious neighbour just before he could tell everything to the police and the conquequences aren’t small: some kind of electrical chair transforms Boby into Scaler, a brightly colored lizard. If you thought that wasn’t enough, he also get sucked into another dimension where he has to face all the accomplices of his neighbour.

Of course he isn’t alone to solve things. He gets help from another lizard, Leon, who makes it clear to him that he isn’t dreaming. Lean, strangely having the same name as Bobby’s long lost father, also has some flying creature with him which guides you through fantastic worlds. The goal of the game is to beat all your enemies and collect 20 lizard eggs that are spread over 15 levels.

In this game there are also rails to be found that bring this surprisingly fun platform game to another dimension. While gliding these rails you get charged with electricity that helps you to perform a special attack that will take care of multiple opponents. At first this attack can only be done once but by collecting “klokkies” you can perform the move multiple times. “Klokkies” are yellow flying balls that fly towards you like magnets and also appear after you’ve gotten rid of an enemy. With these you can improve yourself; stronger claws, an extra special attack or an extra life at your disposal are some of the things you can do with them. A downpoint of the game is that our good friend Scaler can’t take much of a punch so extra lifes are no luxury.

A lizard wouldn’t be a lizard if you didn’t have a large tongue that he could use to take care of enemies. Also your claws have multiple uses: you can climb walls with them and make you feel like you’re in a rollercoaster. The camera viewpoints are at all times well-done and you’ll never loose your sense of orientation.

When you want to go to the next world it’s best to search for Leon and the flying creature as they’ll be happy to take you there. The missions are also varied, in some worlds you even have the possibility to transform yourself to another creature by hitting the “Y” button. To be able to do this you need to beat a certain amount of animals which all have their own attacks and need a different approach to get rid of them. In total there’s 5 different creatures that you can turn into with their own specific properties. Those that thought this game would be all on land are wrong: flying, swimming and a whole lot more possibilities are also present.

For its price of about 20 euro Scaler is definitely an acceptable game. The worlds are beautifully created and everything that’s necessary for a platform game is present although I did find that it lacked a bit in game modes with only the singleplayer mode present. The idea for the game is quite original and it’s clear that it’s intended for the younger gamers amongst us as I finished it pretty quickly. One last small comment on the sound: at times it’s a bit hectic in style and there were certainly moments that it started to work on my nerves. Nonetheless an ideal gift for the younger generation of gamers

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