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Schindler's List (CE)

Oskar Schindler comes to Poland during the start of the second world war to earn lots of money on the black market. He contacts the Jewish community who have lost about all their rights and can use goods more than money. He proposes them to invest their money in a company which he would run in exchange for pots and pans. At first they aren’t interested but when the Germans put them all together in a ghetto and things start to become a bit more ugly for them, they find the idea not so bad anymore. In a pretty short time, Oskar manages to make the Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik one of the biggest and most important in Poland and with his smooth talks to the Germans and the use of cheap Jewish workers, he manages to get extremely rich. However, after time, his conscience starts to speak and together with his Jewish assistant he starts using his company to create some kind of safe haven for Jews.

Sound and Vision:
Except for the intro and one small detail (which is used for a statement) the movie is completely in black and white to increase the impact on the public. The depth of black, level of detail and contrast are very good. Compression errors and edge enhancement are absent

The version we received did not contain an English DTS track but I must say that we didn’t really mind as the 5.1 track is quite good. Dialogues are coming from the center speaker as they need to and the highlights are mostly on a music level where the front speakers are very well-used. Surround speakers and subwoofer are use only in a very subtle way but this doesn’t really affect the quality of the soundtrack.

Voices from the List: several Holocaust survivors get to tell their story which is very interesting. The storyline of the movie gets done over again on the hand of these stories. The SHOA foundation story – With Steven Spielberg: background of the SHOA foundation which is an initiative of Steven Spielberg. Then we get a bunch of screens with Cast & Filmmakers and background info on Oskar Schindler.

Schindler’s List has finally arrived on DVD and whether or not you like warmovies, you just HAVE to have this in your collection. The acting is very good but and the storyline interesting but that isn’t the main reason why you need to get this: this is a classic which cannot be left wandering around in the store

Our Score:

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