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School of Rock Collector's Edition

Jack Black is Dewey Finn, a wannabe rock star who has never given up his dream to become famous without giving up his ideals and selling out to the big music companies to get rich. He lives with his friend from school, Ned Schneebly who has given up his dreams and currently works as a temporary school teacher. When Dewey gets kicked out of his own band, and Ned’s girlfriend demands Dewey to pay the rent he still owes Ned he realises he needs to get some money quick. When he takes a phone call for Ned and hears that a nearby school is looking for a teacher, he decides to pose as Ned and take the job. In the beginning, he just wastes some time at school but when he notices the students have good musical skills, he decides to teach them about Rock&Roll…

Sound and Vision:
There aren’t many visual effects but the image is clear and we didn’t notice any compression errors. Contrast, sharpness, color brightness, … everything ok here.

The soundtrack needs a lot of punch for the music and Paramount delivers nicely. The sound rocks from the beginning until the end and all speakers nicely put in their best effort. Good stuff.

– Audio Commentary with Jack Black and Director Richard Linklater
– Audio Commentary by the children
– The Lessons of School of Rock
– Jack Black vs. Led Zeppelin
– School of Rock Music Video
– Kids Diary: Toronto Film Festival
– MTV Diary of Jack Black
– Trailers
The extras are pretty interesting to watch with especially The Lessons of School of Rock standing out as it’s a “Making Of” that gives cast & crew (and mainly Jack Black) the possibility to tell all about the production.

School of Rock is a comedy but not what you would expect. Don’t think about rolling on the floor, laughing, as the humour is rather mild. One should see School of Rock more as a feel-good movie where the good guys win. A decent movie that’s nice to watch with your friends and girlfriend if you’re looking for a no-brainer and like rock music.

Our Score:

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