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Scorpion King, The

Memnon is an evil ruler who conquers the whole country and doesn’t seem to be stoppable due to the fact that his sorceror can predict the outcome of battle. Matthayus, one of the last remaining Akkadians, is hired by the leaders of the last free tribes to kill the sorceror. Once inside Memnon’s palace, they fall into a trap set by the evil king and only Matthayus survives. He escapes together with a horse thief and decides to return to Gomorra where Memnon rules to kill him and free Cassandra, the captured sorceress (for which Mathayus has a crush).

After the success of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, a movie based on Mummy Returns’ side character “The Scorpion King” was inevitable. Unfortunately, The Scorpion King does not tell the story of the fierce ruler which we saw in The Mummy Returns but a typical Hollywood production where the main character has more muscles than brains and falls in love with the beautiful woman who used to help the bad guy. Where the different history about The Scorpion King comes from will probably remain a secret forever. After all, Hollywood wouldn’t want the main character to be a bad guy, now would they ?

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound quality are excellent. Colors are bright and even in dark surroundings details remain good. All surround channels are well-used and your subwoofer will from time to time show its potential although you don’t have to worry about the whole of your house starting to tremble. Having the arrows flying around your head is pretty neat aswell.

We get a whole bunch of extras on this DVD, starting with an expanded version of the film which contains alternative scenes which give some more background information on the storyline. The alternative scenes can also be watched seperately from the movie (if you’ve just seen the movie, you probably won’t want to watch it a second time instantly) but in pretty low quality. Next to that we get commentary tracks from directer Chuck Russell and The Rock who definitely seems to like himself.

Then we get the obligatory amount of short documentaries which give some insight into the making of the movie including interviews with cast and crew. Of course promo material couldn’t be left behind so a music clip, trailers and extra DVDrom features are present.

Whoever thinks he or she is going to see The Scorpion King which was featured in The Mummy Returns will be as disappointed as I was. Instead of a film about a fierce ruler that murders whole armies and raises the dead, we get a love story between that same scorpion king and a captured sorceress. Even how Mathayus gets the name “Scorpion King” is different in this movie than what was told in The Mummy Returns. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

If you look at The Scorpion King as an individual movie without any background knowledge of The Mummy Returns, it’s a pretty entertaining action movie which is predictable as hell but fun nonetheless. Kids will love this. If you want to use your brain while watching a movie, don’t watch this one

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