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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

After his girlfriend dumped him and became succesful with her own band, Scott Pilgrim tries to cope with his loss and starts dating Knives Chau, a five year younger high school girls. However, one night he dream about a girl and can’t seem to forget about her.

Little later, he meets Ramona Flowers who actually is the girl he dreamt about. He falls in love and wants to get romantic with her, but there are a few problems still lingering around: first of all he’s still with Knives. Secondly, Ramona has seven ex-lovers who all want to battle with Scott to the death before he has any chance to win Ramona.

Sound and Vision:
The image looks decent, but not quite as it should be. Colors are a bit lifeless and details aren’t bad but not the HD blowout that we’ve seen on other recent releases. Overall the transfer isn’t bad and there aren’t any compression errors worth noting (mind you: the macro blocking in the last fight scene is intentional) but it just doesn’t blow you away.

The sound is actually great. The combination of monotone videogame noises from the old Nintendo NES era with spanking rock music and pounding bass works really well in creating a dynamic atmosphere while never overwhelming the dialogues. If there’s one thing this blu-ray shines in, it’s the sound.

– Deleted Scenes
– Alternative Scenes
– Scott Pilgrim vs the Bloopers
– Audio Commentary tracks
– Bits and Pieces
– Galleries
– Documentaries

A nice batch of extras with especially the documentaries covering some of the more important parts of the movie making process.

Scott Pilgrim is quite a weird experience. On one hand it’s so absurd and filled with references to comic books and videogames that any gamer should immediately fall in love with it. On the other hand it’s so absurd and makes absolutely no sense what so ever that I (although being a lover of videogames) had a hard time watching it. I found it to lack any coherence or storyline worthwhile watching and couldn’t help but wonder when something interesting would actually happen.

I’ve been reading up on the movie and it seems quite a lot of people do like it though, so I guess this is very much up to personal taste. My taste said it was boring as hell and totally ridiculous up to the point it wasn’t even funny anymore. But hey, one can’t argue about taste, right?

The blu-ray transfer isn’t bad, but misses a bit of spunk in the image quality, while the sound does do its job right. The extras are a nice addition, IF you like the movie.

Guess you’ll have to decide for yourself what to think of this movie so my advise would be to definitely check the trailers and possibly rent before you buy.

Our Score:

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