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Season of the Witch

Behmen and Felson are two crusaders. After countless battles they participate in the attack on a city where there’s little to no resistance and they are ordered to kill innocent women and children.

The two decide to desert and return back to their homeland but once there they find it’s devastated by the Black Plague. They get captured by the local forces of the church and sentenced to death, but get a last chance for redemption: a young woman who’s believed to be a witch has been captured and needs to be transported to a remote abbey where monks will perform a ritual that will hopefully end the pestilence.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very high. Against a solid and deep black with plenty of shadow detail we get scenes that vary with being either yellowish, blue/green or blue/grey. All in all this color palette is hard but suits the movie and atmosphere very well. Althoigh the image is very stylized, the contrast is good and overall images go from sharp to razor sharp. Nice transfer!

Similarly, the sound is very active and ambient with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer while dialogues never get overwhelmed by the action.


Season of the Witch is a simple movie that is all but historyically correct and does little more than deliver some paranormal-flavored action scenes. It follows the tricks of the trade and does nothing to stand out of the crowd. If you go in with low expectations, however, it will be able to entertain you for about 95 minutes as it does what it needs to do without ever shining

Our Score:

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