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Secret Agent Clank

After about five episodes in Ratchet & Clank, our robot friend has finally received his own game. The makers luckily looked further than their nose and have adjusted the gameplay. Like some sort of James Bond (amongst other things he’s got a tuxedo with a deadly bowtie) Clank gets to focus on stealth instead of straight-on action. The gameplay will mostly have you work with ingenious gizmos instead of bombastic weapons.

Clank wouldn’t be Clank if all that sneaking around wouldn’t feel very arcade. Don’t expect Splinter Cell-like moments. Quick-time Events are omnipresent – you’ll have to sneak up on an opponent from behind and get rid of him with a couple of pushes on the right buttons – and when you get caught this means all but “game over”. Sirens can be turned off with a suiting gadget, alarmed opponents are easily taken care of.

The story is pretty simple. During the introduction you get to see how Ratchet get injustly accused of stealing a jewel and locked up. It’s up to you to help him get out of that situation. You’ll also be able to play with the unfortunate hamster (or what is it?) during short shooting sequences where you mostly get to reduce other inmates to mops. Also Qwark is present with unfortunately some less succesful intermezzos (but dressed up in funny stories)

A lot better are the Gadgebots levels which, contrary to Ratchet, focus on offering puzzle-based challenges. You get three droids that can crawl onto each other, follow simple commands and do stuff like pushing a button or repairing an electricity cable. You can imagine how many fun puzzles can be made for them. In other words: something for everyone as next to that there are also the necessary sections in vehicles, some shooter parts and even music-like minigames! The latter do suck by the way…

Technically the makers did their best as the graphics, sound and voice-acting are very much ok. Also the camera and controls are – although not perfect – more than decent and for a portable game the lifespan is long enough with the necessary unlockables and extra challenges after finishing.

In the end this all results in a fun action- and stealth game that isn’t a true Ratchet & Clank but makes good use of the characters, has some decent humour and offers quite some varying gameplay in a fun and inspired setting

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