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Secret Files: Tunguska

In 1908 the Tunguska region was shaken by an enormous explosion, one with a greater force than an A-bomb. A lot of speculating about the causes is still going on, but usually scientists assume it was a meteorite. However, Secret Files: Tungunska shows us another possible theory.

It might be a little cliché, but the story still is quite entertaining and it has some humour. The story begins when Nina’s father disappears. This disappearing is of course surrounded with a lot of strange things and so Nina has to solve it all. To do this, she is helped by Max, a young colleague of her father.

During the game you play with Nina and in some levels with Max, in third person view. All in all the gameplay is classic. With a left mouseclick you get a description of an object and with a right mouseclick your character looks a little closer at the object. To help you find searchable places, there’s a function which indicates those places with little magnifiers. Yet, this doesn’t mean everything is useful.

The collected objects too can be examined to find another clue and to solve some riddles a couple of objects have to be combined. Sometimes the solution can be a little far-fetched, but it helps thinking like McGyver. In general the difficulty level of the puzzles is rather mediocre.

As for the graphics we can’t complain much. It all looks good and the cutscenes make the tension rise a little more, unlike the boring dialogues at the start of each level. Nonetheless the voice action is good enough, though sometimes a bit uninspired.

This game won’t stand out of the crowd, but it is quite a relaxation. Consider it a snack between the top games.

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