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Secret Window

The talented writer Morton Rainey (Johnny Depp) lives alone at the shores of Tashmore Lake. He’s in the middle of a divorce and tends to lay around the house without doing much.

One day, a man who calls himself John Shooter (John Turturro) arrives at his door, claiming Morton has stolen his story and asking for justice. Morton tries to proove he hasn’t stolen the story but every time Shooter manages to get rid of the evidence. Meanwhile, Shooter is making bigger and bigger threats and the violence is starting to grow…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain and moiré present but other than that there’s nothing to complain about. The colors are bright, there’s a solid level of black, contrast is nice, … Overall a decent transfer.

The same can be said about the soundtrack. It’s warm and dynamic. All channels get their piece of the action while the dialogues remain clear and nicely positioned at the front center speaker.

– Trailers of Secret Window, Spider-Man, Hellboy and The Missing
– Director’s Commentary by David Koepp
– Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
– 3 featurettes that cover the backgrounds of the movie and include interviews with cast&crew
– Animatics: storyboards of 4 scenes

Movies from Stephen King’s books can’t always be called good. However, Secret Window isn’t in that category. It’s a very decent thriller with a great cast and a cool storyline. Columbia Tristar delivers a technically more than sufficient dvd but the extra’s could have been a bit more. Secret Window is a movie anyone who likes suspense should watch.

Our Score:

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