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Seed of Chucky

Tiff and Chucky have gotten a son but they don’t know that as they somehow got turned off and their kid is now travelling throughout Europe in a freak show. Glen, the son, is constantly having nightmares of terrible murders but he doesn’t know where they come from. And neither does he know who his parents are. All he knows is that he’s “Made in Japan”. When he sees a commercial for the upcoming movie based on the murders of Chucky, he notices that Chucky has the same “Made in Japan” on his arm and realises these are his parents. He escapes from the circus, travels to the US and finally gets reunited with his parents. After waking them up however, he starts to realise they’re cold blooded killers and they’re about to begin a new killing spree. Not the thing he had in mind…

Sound and Vision:
The screen quality is decent without any specific problems. Standard stuff that we’re used from releases of recent movies.

RCV decided to put a Stereo soundtrack on the DVD and this just adds to the fact that they see this as a budget release. Not even a Dolby Digital 2.1 or 5.1 track is available. Hence, the sound is good to understand the dialogues but expect nothing more. Maybe there will once be a special edition released that has better sound (although I doubt it seeing that Chucky’s popularity it falling)

None, even a menu is missing

Seed of Chucky may not be the best sequel we’ve ever seen, but RCV’s release of this DVD is quite bad. There’s no extra’s what so ever, and even a decent menu is missing. After some trailers, the movie just instantly starts. Although it’s being sold as a budget title, a better treatment would be advisable for the future. Onto the movie then. Seed of Chucky continues somewhat after the last movie, Bride of Chucky. The quality is about the same and there’s nothing much original left to tell, except for Jennifer Tilly playing herself as well as doll Tiffany. The killings are fun as always, but it really looks like the inspiration has long gone out of the series. Fun for the fans.

Our Score:

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