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Sentinel, The

Pete Garrison is a devoted Secret Service agent who is in charge of the protection of the First Lady. However, his protection goes a little further than just that as he’s started an affair with her. When one of his former informants contacts him and tells him that there’s a mole in the Secret Service as part of an operation to kill the US president, he informs his superiors and an investigation starts. However, all trails towards the mole quickly start to point at Pete and in no time he sees himself forced to flee with the investigators under the lead of his former friend David Breckinridge right on his heels.

While everyone is going after him, Pete now has to find the mole himself before the terrorists manage to achieve their goal, to kill the president of the US…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains very bright colors, lots of detail, and overall is very good. Grain or compression errors are things we didn’t spot at all and this is something we like very much.

The sound has very active use of the surround speakers while the subwoofer supports the whole in a rather subtle way. The dialogues are crystal clear and well positioned.

We start off with an audio commentary track and some deleted scenes but the really interesting stuff are two features that give more info on the way the Secret Service works and how former Secret Service agents helped the cast to prepare for their roles. One minor downpoint is that both features have the same people and it would have been better to combine both as now we often get to see the same quotes in both features. Also, the end of the first feature tends to become a bit too promotional and tries to convince people to join the Secret Service.

Terrorists have infiltrated the Secret Service and are plotting to kill the president. My name is Jack Bauer and this is the longest day of my life. Well, it’s not completely 24 but it does come very close. Keifer Sutherland seems to have gotten a new name for his character of Jack Bauer but other than that you’ll find little change to his performance compared to that in the TV series 24. Luckily for us, Sutherland isn’t portraying the main lead in this movie as that honor is given to Michael Douglas who does manage to do a decent job and doesn’t work on automatic. All in all, The Sentinel feels like a long episode of 24 but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some of the more irritating characters of that show have been cut and in exchange we remain with an entertaining action thriller. Fox delivers The Sentinel with excellent image and sound quality while the extras (although it would have been better to combine them) are interesting to check out for once.

Our Score:

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