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Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Less than a year ago, Serious Sam was unleashed to the public and everybody got to know about the world’s struggle against the evil forces of Mental. After having destroyed ALOT of monsters, Sam was ready to go to kick Mental’s so he went off to Sirius, the alledged home planet of Mental.

At least, that was without taking into consideration that there were some stupid alien Sam-fans that followed his space ship and crashed on it, making him start all over again…

Sam’s ship falls back to earth and you can start fragging thousands of monsters again while pursueing the Holy Grail (yes, the ultimate goal in this game is to find the Holy Grail which will probably come in handy in the next Serious Sam episode).

Of course, storyline is not really that important in a frantic shooter like Serious Sam:The Second Encounter.

The graphics are almost identical to the first game except that the surroundings are a bit different. Instead of running around in ancient Egypt you now go from South Africa (Mayans) to even Eastern Europe. Also the weather conditions change with rain and even snow heading your way. Quite a nice change from the ever-burning sun in my opinion.

So what’s new in this game next to the environment in which you frag ?

Croteam have been looking around very carefully and have included quite a 3 new weapons that are pretty popular these days; sniper rifle, chainsaw and flame thrower.

On the enemies-side there’s alot more variation with new fireball-throwing demons, plasma-shooting aliens, laser-loving Zorg, and my new favorite Cucrbito the Pumpkin who’s a redneck with a pumpkinhead and doesn’t like anything more that chopping you up with his chainsaw.
And all that is without speaking of the boss-monsters of course (one being an invisible Marsh-hopper).

Also a few new powerups have been added including Serious Damage, Invisibility, Invulnerability and Serious Speed Boots which all add to the fun (and give you a possibility to actually end the game in 1 piece ;p)

The game engine has clearly been fine-tuned since I didn’t notice any offensive bugs nor did the game require extreme hardware to run fluently.

I hear the comments already coming : “The AI sucks”, “It’s repetitive”, “We’ve seen this all already in Doom”, but I must disagree with this.

OK, The Second Encounter doesn’t offer alot more than the original Serious Sam but it is still a fun game.

People looking for enemies that snipe you and have great AI should rather look for a tactical shooter because this game is not created for that audience. Serious Sam:The Second Encounter is just like its predecessor a frantic “blast everything that moves” shooter.

I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if 1000 monsters with great AI would try to kill me at the same time… A game has to be playable, remember ? 😉

Anyway, all in all I find Serious Sam:The Second Encounter to be a great sequel with even more funny one-liners (“What are you waiting for ? A one-liner ?”) and exrteme blasting-pleasure.

If you’re looking for this type of gameplay, there’s nothing better to be found at the moment.

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