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Settlers 4

The Settlers IV will continue the line of very successful games by Bluebyte.

In the latest edition you’ll be able to play both multi- and single player, but let’s start with single player shall we ?

In single player, the mission is to defeat Morbus and his dark tribe.

You can control the Romans, the Azteks or the Vikings, each tribe having his own special features.
You have to build up a civilisation, and make sure the dark tribe doesn’t conquer you, so the obvious question is : how can I defeat this dark tribe ?
That won’t be easy, because Morbus tribe plants a fast growing weed called shadowweed, that draws all nutrients out of the soil, leaving a desolate wasteland.

If you want to capture the dark temple, you’ll need a gardener that makes the soil fertile again, and by making all the ground around the dark temple furtile you can eventually conquer the dark tribe.
In multiplayer mode you can play with up to 8 players simultaneously through the Blue Byte games channel.

You can decide to play a game where it’s each one for himself (you need to get to a certain goal first) or you can play together with others to a goal that cannot be reached alone.

To stimulate the multiplayer part of the game, BlueByte has integrated voice chat so that you don’t need programs like Roger Wilco which consume lots of bandwidth but still be able to talk to other players.

Qua graphics, Settlers 4 really shines.
The new graphics are really fabulous, with a very good zoom-function, highly detailed landscapes, great animations and lots of animals (going from wolves over bears to even jaguars)
Is there any more a settlers-player wants ? I don’t think so.

BlueByte has been listening to the comments of their Settlers-players and have done a magnificent job in makin sure they incorporate everything their fans wanted

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