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Seven (Collector's Edition)

One week before his retirement, detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) gets a new case to investigate together with his apprentice David Mills (Brad Pitt). A gruesome serial killer is reigning the streets and each murder he does is inspired by one of the seven deadly sins, meaning that Somerset and Mills will have to catch the killer before he has committed his seven murders.

Sound and Vision:
This dvd release is completely remastered based on the negative of the movie and has the original 2.40:1 aspect ration. The images are digitally adjusted and are of top quality. All problems which were present on the original dvd release like grain and loss of detail in dark scenes (of which there are plenty) have been resolved and only some minor edge enhancement can be spotted.

Also the soundtrack is remastered and we now get crystal clear dialogues, aggressively used surround channels and also the subwoofer is very well set up to support the sound in the lower tones.

There are no less than three commentary track (director + cast on the overall production and movie theme, director + other people on script and making of and as last track we get information on the music and sound) available on the first DVD. The second DVD starts off with “Exploration of the Opening Sequence” where you can see different angles of the opening sequence accompanied by no less than five audio tracks of which 2 are commentaries. We get a couple of deleted scenes with director commentary (optional) and an alternative ending (with storyboards and director commentary).

This still isn’t all we get as there’s also some photo galleries and production design notes again accompanied by commentary from the director, aswell as a short documentary on the notebooks of the killer. We then get a documentary on how the sound and image have been remastered for this dvd, filmografies and two trailers.

A fantastic movie that has been completely remastered to make it shine even more on DVD. That’s what we can say about the special edition of Seven and that description fits this release perfectly

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