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Shallow Hal

At very young age, Hal (Jack Black) visits his dying father on his death bed. The pretty drugged man gives Hal some tips for the rest of his life. It’s all about not settling for average and only going for great ass and nice titties. This has such an impact on Hal that as of that moment he’s only interested in the most beautiful women and being not such a pretty boy himself, it’s hard for him to find a woman.

One day, he meets TV-guru Tony Robbins who hypnotises him, making him see the “inner beauty” of people instead of the outer appearance and by wonder it suddenly seems that he can get every beauty he ever wanted. One of these beauties is Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), a beauty par excellence and also the daughter of his boss. What he doesn’t realise, however, is that Rosemary isn’t the thin gorgeous stunner he sees but instead a huge rhinoceros which weighs around 300 pounds. When his best friend sees that Hal has “lowered his standards” and goes for extra large size in women, he contacts Tony Robbins and pursuades him to dehypnotise Hal. Once this happens, Hal realises his dream girl isn’t a perfect size, but still his feelings remain…

Sound and Vision:
Some edge enhancement and grain can be seen and also the fact that the image isn’t always sharp are some downpoints for the image quality.

The soundtrack doesn’t use the surround channels often as dialogue the most important part in this movie, but still some nice effects can be heard. Also the accompanying music is nicely spread over the different sound channels.

We start off with the HBO special which gives some insight in the storyline along with some interviews with cast & crew. Sadly, the different interviews are pasted together by numb presentation of some Baywatch actress who also has a short role in the movie and to be frank, she irritated the hell out of me. The Comedycentral Reel documentary on the other hand also has interviews and here you see that Jack Black is a really funny guy. He often jokes about the things that happened on the set and compared to the HBO special, this feature is a real relief.

We get 11 deleted or altered scenes and you can choose to have commentary from the Farrelly brothers or not. To be honest : do not put on the commentary as it sucks. Same goes for the audio commentary tracks from the Farrelly’s as they keep nagging about all their friends who can be seen in the movie and other stupid comments. The occasional funny line stating that they have no clue what a certain scene is about doesn’t make up for this, nor for the long pauzes you sometimes get.

The “Seeing through the layers” documentary gives more insight on the makeup that was used to blow up Gwyneth Paltrow and is quite interesting much like “In At The Deep End, With Shallow Hal” which shows how the swimming pool scene was created. Next to all this we get a music clip and the trailer.

Loads of extras (although not all of the same quality) and a very funny comedy which for once doesn’t slip into too many clichés. Definitely worth watching and for those that really are into comedy DVDs a must have

Our Score:

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