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Shaun of the Dead

Shaun is a looser. He lives in a small house in London together with his best friend Ed who doesn’t have a job and occasionally sells some drugs. He works at a local electronics store, is terrorised by his stepfather and has a relationship with Liz. Every night they hang out a “The Winchester”, a local pub that’s inhabited by other loosers. While his relationship with Liz is going down the drain because Shaun never seems to be able to do something other than go to the Winchester, London is getting overwhelmed by zombies. When Shaun finally realises this, he and Ed go out to save Liz and Shauns mother. His plan: get Liz, get mommy dearest and head to the Winchester for safety and wait until everything blows over…

Sound and Vision:
The colors used in Shaun of the Dead are rather pale and hard which makes them perfect for this movie as it’s supposed to give a depressing view of London. Compression errors are absent and the same can be said about edge enhancement. The contrast and amount of detail are perfect and there’s also a solid level of black. Good stuff although not everyone will probably like the way the movie is filmed.

The soundtrack is decent but focuses a lot on the front channels while the surrounds are mostly used to create additional atmosphere. The subwoofer comes into action when necessary but nothing more than that. Don’t expect effects flying around your head.

– Audio commentary track with directors Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright
– Deleted Scenes
– Bloopers
– Trailers
– The Making Of
– Production Photo’s
– Posters
Personally I found the “Making Of” to be quite interesting with lots of info on how creative the makers were in getting the necessary effects without a huge budget. Another very funny extra, but not listed on the disc, is where the cast talks about certain storyline happenings that were not in the movie and are now shown with cartoons accompanied by audio comments.

Shaun of the Dead was released around the same time as the remake of Dawn of the Dead and a lot of people will probably think this is some parody. Think again as Shaun of the Dead is more a romantic comedy that touches a lot of social problems combined with an English touch and it just happens to be that a lot of zombies are present. The movie is quite funny and entertaining but not the thing you would expect as the zombies don’t really come in until half of the film has passed.

The movie has a very English atmosphere with a “low budget cult” feeling which not everyone will appreciate but I do have to say I was quite positively surprised by this dvd. The extras are also a very nice addition and certainly worth checking out. It’s hard to give a clear judgment on this dvd. I would suggest to rent it first to see whether it appeals to you as I’m sure a lot of people won’t get all the jokes

Our Score:

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