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After a busy night out, a couple of friends head off to the country house of a friend of theirs they recently met. There they meet Joseph, a strange but friendly shepherd who also lives in the house, together with his pregnant wife. While everyone is doing their best to have a good time, nobody realises that Joseph is a devil’s worshiper who doesn’t feel like letting them leave again…

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent without compression errors or any specific issues that spoilt the “fun” and also the soundtrack is pretty good. Nothing bad to say about the transfer

Extras? Who would want extras from this crap movie?

The French know how to make good movies. They’ve done so in the past and even some of the more recent material like Banlieue 13 shows they’ve got the skill. So why do they also make total crap like this? Vincent Kassel is one of France’s top actors, what was he thinking when he signed the contract for this piece of junk? Throughout the movie you’re constantly wondering whether you’re watching some horror movie where all the gory fun is just around the corner or whether you’re looking at a comedy. And we all know that ever since Louis de Funés became old-fashioned, French cinema has hardly had any decent comedy.

The French still tend to think overacting is funny and in that regards Sheitan is a masterpiece as it’s been a long time since I’ve seen acting in such a way. One could almost wonder whether it would have been better to have some real devil worshipers on the screen. Maybe that would have been a bit more convincing then what we get to see now.

Conclusion: this movie should have never been made so don’t spend any money on it in the hopes that the French realise they shouldn’t make movies just to keep their unemployed actors busy.

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