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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes is agitated. His best friend Watson is about to get married, and to make things worse, his arch-enemy Professor Moriarty is plotting another evil scheme that will put the world in great danger.

Sound and Vision:
Warner is delivering demo-worthy material with this Sherlock Holmes sequel. The amount of detail is stunning, the blacks are incredibly deep, shadows are perfectly delineated, and textures stand out at all times. We add to that natural skin tones, sparkling clarity in the few well-lit scenes, and a total absence of compression errors.

Equally impressive is the DTS-HD 5.1 sound which offers plenty of action from the subwoofer, detailed rear channels that are filled with effects and perfectly placed dialogue.

– Maximum Movie Mode: Inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes
A picture-in-picture feature with Downey Jr. discussing the movie, but rather shallow if you ask me.

A Game of Shadows is Guy Ritchie’s second take on Sherlock Holmes and the good news is that this time we get to see Holmes take on his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty. Unfortunately, aside from Robert Downey Jr. it’s also the only good news.

Just as so many others, Ritchie clearly has fallen for the 3D hype and several scenes in the movie have been shot only to show off some of the effects. And that tampers with the actual action. Just like the action scenes where we see Holmes thinking in slow motion about the possible outcomes of a fight, just before that fight happens. Ok, nice for once, but every time?

As a result of Ritchie’s choices, the movie constantly goes into slow motion and not only on the screen, but also when it comes to storytelling. This makes the movie incredibly annoying to watch at times and the only thing keeping you interested is Robert Downey Jr. who manages to put down a rather interesting character. But in the end, I actually like the BBC TV Series Sherlock better. And I doubt a TV series is supposed to be better than a big budget action blockbuster movie…

Our Score:

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