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Shining, The (Stephen King's)

When Stanley Kubrick’s version of The Shining was released, Stephen King didn’t like what Kubrick had done with the characters of the book and now he’s taken things in his own hand and together with Mick Garris (The Stand) he now created this mini-series which follows the book to the smallest detail.

Jack Torrance has an alcohol problem. When one day he accidentally breaks the arm of his son, he decides to quit drinking and join the AA. Having lost his job, he goes out to search a new one and finally ends up at the Overlook Hotel where he would become the house keeper which would give him time to write a play during the winter when he and his family are the only ones in the hotel. The fact that the last house keeper killed himself and that guesome murders have happened in the past don’t impress him and he takes the job. However, when the snow starts to fall and he and his family get cut off the outside world strange things start to happen.

Jack finds a book with newspaper articles on all the murders that have happened in the past of the hotel and starts to get obsessed with its history while Danny, Jack’s son, starts seeing ghosts of the murdered people walking around. As time progresses, the ghosts appear more often and become more real while Jack differentiates himself from his family and starts to show some violent behaviour like when he was drunk. Will Jack and his family survive the winter, or will the hotel again have another victim ?

Sound and Vision:
The colors are bright and also the depth of black are good. Still, the image isn’t always as sharp as it could be.

The soundtrack is in normal Dolby Surround, but the dialogues are crystal clear and the surround is used at full force (for as far as one can get with Dolby Surround)

We get no less than eleven deleted scenes with commentary on why they aren’t in the series. Also a very good commentary track by Stephen King, Mick Garris (director), Steven Weber (Jack Torrance) and Cynthia Garris (the woman from room 217) is provided.

The pace of Stephen King’s The Shining is a lot slower than in Kubrick’s version and the storyline follows the book to the letter. Stephen King fans will love this one.

Our Score:

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