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Shoot'em Up

Mr. Smith is nicely sitting on a bench, eating a carrot when suddenly a pregnant woman passes by. Seconds later, a guy in a car comes by, jumps out and goes after the woman. When the man takes out a gun, Mr. Smith feels this is going a bit too far and decides to intervene. He goes after the two and manages to take down the man without much trouble but while the woman has started giving birth, more and more men pop up, trying to kill her.

When the baby is finally delivered, Smith tries to make a run for it but when the woman gets killed in the process, he finds himself in a peculiar situation. He’s all alone, running around the city with a baby he doesn’t know anything about and dozens of men out to kill it…

Sound and Vision:
Hardly anything bad to be said about this dvd. The picture is crystal clear, the amount of detail is fine and the contrast is good. There are some minor compression errors here and there but none of those are obnoxious.

The soundtrack does its job nicely with the sound putting you in the midst of all the action, just like it should.

– Audio commentary track by director Michael Davis
– Ballet of Bullits: The Making of Shoot’em Up
– Original Animatics by writer/director Michael Davis

What do you get when you combine the action from John Woo, the weird settings from Pulp Fiction, and the comedy from movies like Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels? Well, I’m pretty sure the outcome would look a lot like Shoot ’em Up. This is one hell of a fast-paced action flick with hardly any time to take a breath. Bullets just keep flying around your head and there are plenty of funny scenes to bring a smile on your face (shootout during baby delivery and another shootout during a sex scene are just two examples).

Without a doubt this is one of the best straightforward action movies that have surfaced lately and if you’re into this type of films (think of Way of the Gun as another example) then Shoot ’em Up is one you’ll definitely want to see

Our Score:

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