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Shouf Shouf Habibi

Take a standard Moroccan family in The Netherlands. You’ve got Ap who is the second oldest son but doesn’t make a living as he only wants to have an office job. Sam, te oldest son who works for the police but has problems in his personal life with his arranged marriage. Leila, the daughter, who studied hard and wants to make something from her life but finds she’s held back because of Moroccan traditions.

Sound and Vision:
Well, the overall quality is just as we’re used from Universal: very good. Compression errors are absent, contrast and colors are good and level of black is sufficient. Same goes for the soundtrack: very adequate. Since the movie mostly is dialogue-oriented the surround speakers don’t have much to do and neither has the subwoofer, but they do add some atmosphere.

Audio Commentaries from the Director, B-roll, Casting, shouf shouf quiz and a making of. Good stuff that’s worth checking out.

Although it doesn’t sound like a comedy, it surely is one and a damn good one as well. Think of all the prejudice that exists around people from Morocco in The Netherlands (and Belgium) and you’ll find all of it in this movie, but in a funny way. Definitely something to recommend!

Our Score:

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