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Shrek 2 Special Edition

Shrek and Prinses Fiona have been on honeymoon and when they return to the swamp they find Donkey who’s been watching the house. Shrek wants to have some additional time alone with Fiona so he kicks Donkey out of the house but then suddenly a herald of the King (of the Kingdom of Far Far Away, ruled by Fiona’s parents) arrives at the door and requests that Shrek and Fiona head to the kingdom to receive a royal blessing for their marriage. Shrek knows Fiona’s parents won’t be happy with him being an ogre but she doesn’t want to hear no for an answer so they both head off to the Kingdom of Far Far Away together with Donkey. Once there, Fiona’s parents get the shock of their lives when they see that their daughter is married with an Ogre and especially the king isn’t all too happy as he has a deal with Fairy Godmother that includes Fiona’s marriage with Prince Charming.

Nobody knows about this deal though and the king suggests to make up with Shrek and have a hunting party. The next day Shrek and Donkey head off to meet up with the king but instead they encounter Puss in Boots, a feline killer hired by the King to get rid of Shrek. However, Shrek isn’t that easily overwon and due to his friendlyness Shrek and Puss in Boots become friends. Little later, Shrek finds out about the deal between the king and Fairy Godmother and decides to take drastic steps to make sure he doesn’t loose Fiona. He steals a potion that will turn him into a human…

Sound and Vision:
We all know the original Shrek had tremendous image quality and the same goes for this sequel. Great contrast and shadow detail, bright and shiny colors, sharp image, perfect level of black, good depth, no grain or compression errors. What would you want more ?

The 5.1 soundtrack is warm and dynamic with good spreading of the front speakers, clear dialogues that are nicely positioned at the center speaker and all accompanied by a good dose of bass from the subwoofer. The surround channels however are used a bit too subtle for my taste, some more aggression from that part wouldn’t have hurt.

– The menu itself already contains a funny extra. After letting it role to the end, you can see Donkey coming up with alternative titles for Shrek 2
– Preview Trailers :Shark Tale, Madagaskar
– Audio commentary with 2 of the 3 directors.
– Audio commentary with producer “Aron Warner” and editor “Mike Andrews”
– Far Far Away Times: Check the headlines of the newspaper
– Far Far Away Idol: a Shrek variation on “Idols” with American Idols juror Simon in the jury
– New From DreamWorks Animation: previewtrailers
– Help: help menu on how to work with a dvd
– DreamWorks Kids: Far Far Away Idol, Shrek’s Music Room: Fiona’s Jukebox (all the songs that are in the movie), Sing-Along With Fairy Godmother, Music Video
– Favorite Scènes: directly jump to certain scenes with certain characters
– Gingy’s House Of Games: Interactive Map Of Far Far Away, Find Puss In Boots, Save Fiona! (quiz where you need to answer questions about the movie to help Shrek find Fiona)
– Shrek 2 Web Links
– Printables: dvd rom color plates you can print from your computer
– The Tech of Shrek 2: 6 minute feature on the techniques used to create the animations
– Meet The Cast: 10 minute feature where some short interview fragments with the cast are accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage
– Meet Puss In Boots: some extra information on this character along with interview fragments with Antonio Banderas and comments from the rest of the cast
– The Music of Shrek 2: Interviews with Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and David Bowie. Also some other songs are highlighted.
– Technical Goofs: some deliberate “errors” in animations to see just how far they could go
– DreamWorks Previews: Lemony Snicket’s: A Serie Of Unfortunate Events, Cat In The Hat, Thunderbirds

Personally I found Shrek 2 to be less funny than the first movie but that’s the case with 99% of all sequels (Star Wars V being the exception ;p). Still, the movie is certainly enjoyable and contains a couple of really great scenes (Puss in Boots against the king’s knights is hilarious). Universal has again provided us with a technically great dvd but some more aggressive use of the surround speakers would certainly have added some additional atmosphere. Last but not least I would like to state that the extras on the special edition are overwhelming and certainly worth checking out.

Our Score:

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