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Shrek + 3D

Original Movie :
The evil Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) is busy banishing all fairy tale figures from his land and makes them end up at Shrek’s (Mike Myers) swamp. Shrek is all but pleased by this and goes to Farquaad together with Donkey (Eddy Murphey) to claim his swamp back. He gets a deal but to get his swamp back, he’ll need to rescue the beautiful princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) from a dragon…

Shrek 3D :
Farquaad has been eaten by the dragon but his ghost is out for revenge. While Shrek and Fiona are leaving for their honeymoon, Farquaad is making up a plan to get rid of Shrek…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is completely digtally made which results in perfect image. The original movie is exactly the same as what you get when you’ve bought the original dvd and the only difference is to be found in the Shrek 3D version which is a 14-minute movie that was released for Universal Studio’s as a show in their park. Here you can see everything with 3D effects by using glasses that combine the colors to give the 3D effect. Really cool and definitely worth checking out 🙂

The same goes for the soundtrack. Optimal use of all channels without any problems and a buttload on special effects. Definitely something you can use to show off your dolby surround system.

Disc 1:
A couple of games :
– Character morph
– Decorate the gingerbread man
– Trivia game
– Shrek’s reVoice studio (dvd rom)

Character interviews: short interviews with the main characters who give their view on the movie. Audiocommentary track by Aron Warner, Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. The Tech of Shrek: extra info on the effects and techniques used to make the film. International Dubbing Featurette: info on the voices used for the different languages used. Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke: funny feature where the characters sing along a medley. Production Notes, Cast and Crew bios

Disc 2:
Shrek 3D

If you already own Shrek on DVD, don’t bother with this release as it only contains Shrek 3D as added feature and the extras of the Special Edition hav been removed. A 14-minute short movie isn’t enough to justify buying the same movie twice. If you don’t own Shrek yet, there’s no reason to not get it now. Together with the original movie, you now also get a short 3D movie that continues the storyline right after the first movie and which is a perfect feature to keep you busy while waiting for Shrek 2 to get into theaters.

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