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Sicilian, The

Salvatore Giuliano is an outlaw who wants to get the poor people of Sicily food. One day he gets shot while trying to escape from the police, but miraculously he survives the bullet wound. This makes him think that he’s destined to do something for the people of Sicily and he decides together with his good friend Pisciotta to liberate two other outlaws and form a gang that can set up big operations. All the money they get is split in three parts, and with his share, Salvatore wants to get the people of Sicily pieces of land, much to the displeasure of the local aristocracy, the politicians and the maffia.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is shot in 1987 and although we didn’t spot many compression errors, the amount of grain is immense. So much even that the level of detail suffers from it.

The sound seems to be a dubbed English track and is a bit on the sharp side. If you listed and look at the mouths, you’ll notice that the cast does speak English, but the overall quality is much like that of old Italian TV-series like the early show of La Piovra.


The Sicilian is based on the book from Mario Puzo that described the real life of Salvatore Guiliano who wanted to do good for the people of Sicily but did it in such a way that even his protector, maffia boss Masino Croce who saw him as the son he never had, was forced to betray him. The whole movie breathes an atmosphere of old Italian tv-shows, but the story is good enough to keep you interested and watching, despite the bad quality in image and sound. This only shows how well Puzo is in writing stories.

The Sicilian can in no way be compared to that other great work from Mario Puzo, The Godfather, but does show the storytelling quality of the writer

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