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After his wife Colleen was killed by a car accident, father Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) decided that there is no God and quit his job at the Church. Together with his brother and two children, he now lives in solitary at his farm when one morning his son and daughter find strange crop circles in their field. The next night he and his brother hear someone going around the farm, but when they try to catch the perpatrator, he flees away like they were standing still.

In the beginning, the police think this is just a practical joke or some strangers that are hanging around, but when other people in the neighbourhood appear to be having similar experiences, it becomes clear that there’s more going on than meets the eye. An alien invasion is at hand and it seems like they will be landing right next to the farm…

Sound and Vision:
The transfer to DVD has left us a bit in a dubious state of mind. Certain scenes have really nice and bright colors with no problems what so ever, but then there are other scenes which have minor edge enhancement, low detail in the background, colors that tend too much to yellow and even some minor grain. In one of the opening scenes where you get to see the crop circles, you even get to see some aliasing. Really strange compared to other scenes which are flawless.

The soundtrack on the other hand is absolutely marvellous. Both the Dolby Digital and DTS tracks are state of the art and really add to the movie experience. All channels are used as much as possible to give a very atmospheric sound (the dogs barking in the field) and to increase the tention (wind going through the crop fields, the aliens running over the roof, …). Absolutely top notch

The Making Of covers about all aspects to the creation of the movie in a chronological order, starting with the original idea, the music, etc. You can watch it either as one documentary or piece by piece. Very nice. Next up are a couple of deleted scenes (five of them) and a multi-angle storyboards and scenes accompanied by different soundtracks. Last we get a fragment of Night’s first science fiction movie which rather looks like a crappy home video and which he made when he was a teenager.

Signs is a slow thriller, but the pace doesn’t bore you. The tension is constantly present and is only broken by sudden scares which add to the experience. The background story of a priest who’s lost faith is also very interesting to watch, although in my opinion the ending is a bit “too American”. The DVD itself is of high quality and certainly worth getting although we would have appreciated a better image quality.

Our Score:

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