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Viktor Taransky (Pacino) has a problem. He wants to make artistic movies but his movie star leaves the set and the studio execs don’t want to fund another movie as his last ones have failed miserably. His career is about to end when one night a man called Hal approaches him with the message that he’s got the solution for all his problems. Viktor isn’t in a good mood and tells Hal to buzz off.

When a couple of days later Hal has passed away (tumor because of sitting before a computer screen too long), Viktor receives a package which includes a laptop and a disk with on it the perfect actress: Simulation One (Simone). The computer program lets Viktor create a character completely to fit his needs while he himself can do the text which automatically gets put into a female voice. Also, Simone has a database of all movies where the biggest stars have played in, giving an endless amount of possibilities for mimics. Taransky finishes his last movie while using Simone and once released, the film is an instant hit.

Back in business, Taransky wants to create more artistic movies while using Simone, but the problems begin when Simone gets so popular that everyone is diying to see her. And how do show people an actress which lives only inside a computer?

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound are of top quality. Great detail, sharpness all around, good contrast, nice color use, and all good things you can imagine. Edge enhancement was nowhere spotted and the same goes for compression errors. Good stuff.

The soundtrack uses the different channels subtle but decently. This is a dialogue-driven film so the different channels are used merely for enhancing the atmosphere but still, certain scenes show that your dolby system is used very good.

We get two “Making Of” documentaries called “Cyber Stardom” and “Simulating Simone” which both are rather interesting and give some good insight in the production of the film with interviews with cast&crew and some behind-the-scenes footage. Still, everything passess by so fast that you might have to see them again a second (and maybe third) time to be able to understand what they are saying. Next up are a bunch of deleted/altered scenes and we finish with a bunch of trailers.

Simone is tagged as “comedy” but although there are several funny scenes, I would rather call it drama. There’s no flat-out humor present and the humor is on a very subtle level. On the other hand, Taransky’s life (which is the guideline of the film) is rather tragic.

Overall, Simone tries to give critic on how computers are getting a grip on our lives, much like Minority Report did. Simone is a rather light picture with a big “feel-good” part in it and thus does not succeed where Minority Report did. Still, it’s very entertaining and definitely worth the time watching

Our Score:

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