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Sin City

Sin City is a bad place to live. Danger lurks around every corner and things aren’t getting any better. Marv (Rourke) is a mean fighting machine that’s out on parole. After a night with a gorgious lady called “Goldie” he wakes up to find her dead in his bed and the cops about to arrest him. Hartigan (Willis) is a burnt out cop who’s about to go on retirement. However, he wants to close just one last case: a pedophile that gets his kicks by torturing little girls and then killing them. Dwight (Owen) is a killer who just got himself a new face but gets in the middle of a war between the mob and the hookers from downtown due to the death of a hero cop.

Sound and Vision:
You would think that having black&white image with a couple of colors to emphasize things couldn’t have any problem. Not so and Sin City is the perfect example. Although overall there’s little to complain, there are several scenes that have problems with cross colouration where colors start to interfere and pop up in places they shouldn’t. This is due to bad mastering so clearly something RCV should have taken care.

The soundtrack is not as usual with RCV Dolby Digital 2.0 but we even get DTS for a change! Good going from RCV here, especially since the track is very nice and contains plenty of effects.


It’s that we don’t have any awards of “best movie” as otherwise it would without a doubt go to Sin City. If there’s one movie you want to add to your collection, it should be this one. Not because of the technical quality (as the image could have been better) or the extras (which are painfully absent) but due to the overwhelming atmosphere, great acting and intrigueing storylines that all come together in Rogriguez’ masterwork! Get it, now!

Our Score:

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