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Sin-Eater, The

Alex Bernier is a young priest who’s mentor mysteriously dies all of a sudden. Alex decides to go back to Rome to find out what exactly happened and during his search he comes into contact with a so-called Sin Eater, a man with incredible powers and who appears to be capable of freeing people from their worst sins. Soon, Alex will find out that there are worse things than death…

Sound and Vision:
Except for a few soft moments the image quality is pretty decent with good contrast and level of black, deep and rich flashy colors, while compression errors, grain and damage are absent. Only downpoint is that there is some edge enhancement in certain scenes aswell as some aliasing.

The front speakers give a very nice stereo spreaded sound while the dialogues are coming from the center speaker as they should. The surround channels are actively used with effects and the subwoofer complements nicely with some good bass.

Director Brian Helgeland talks all about the movie in his audio commentary track but for the rest we only get to check out some deleted scenes. Rather poor qua extras

People who thought they would get to see a movie about one of the characters from the Marvel Universe (there’s so many these days) should be warned: this is a thriller that has nothing to do with any Superheroes from the Marvel Comics. The storyline is predictable and doesn’t get above the average TV-movie. Technically, we can’t really complain although some more extras would have been nice.

Our Score:

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