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Six Feet Under: Season 1

The Fisher family run a mortuarium. On their way home from a Christmas dinner, father Nathaniel gets involved in a car accident and dies. Time for the sons to take over the family company in these difficult times and if things aren’t bad enough, each member of the family has his/her own problems as well. Nate doesn’t want to run the business and also has to take care of his new girlfriends psychotic brother. Dave is gay but doesn’t really want people to know while Claire is struggling with puberty. Even mother Ruth who always stays at home to take care of the household seems to have a secret.

Sound and Vision:
Aliasing, posterisation, minor edge enhancement. These are the main problems with the transfer of this first season. Luckily they aren’t such a problem that the fun while watching gets spoilt. Another problem is the fact that at times the image tends to shake which is probably caused by the transition from NTSC to PAL.

This series is very much dialogue driven but nonetheless, Warner decided to bring us a Dolby Digital 5.1 remix track. As such we would be very happy with this, but unfortunately, the dialogues now tend to come from all three front speakers, not something we like.

– Audio commentary track with first & last episode by Alan Ball
– Deleted Scene
– Under the Main Titles: A 16 minute featurette on the design of the title role at the beginning of the series.
– Behind the Scenes: interview compilation where we get to see short quotes from main cast & crew. Very promotional and not reall interesting
– Awards and Nominations: overview of the prices the series has received
– Music tracks: original opening music aswell as a remix of it made by Kid Loco
– Cast & Filmmakers: biographies
– Series Index: short textual overview of each episode
– Previously/Next On: each episode is accompanied with a short overview of what happened and what’s to come
– DVD-Rom

Ok, we’ve got mixed feelings here. On one hand we’ve got a series that’s quite special and received a ton of awards. On the other hand we’ve got mediocre image quality, below standard sound and boring extras. Seeing that a series like these usually don’t get reworked after release to be re-released later on in some kind of “special edition”-like form, I would suggest only to buy this box if you REALLY are a BIG fan of the series. Otherwise, you can either let it remain in the stores OR get it if you can buy it at a big discount.

Our Score:

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