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Sixth Sense, The

Cole, a nine year old boy, can see dead people walking amonst us and they don’t realise they are dead. Nobody understands or believes him so he finally turns to a psychiater (Willis) who will try to help him.

I don’t want to spoil things so I’m not going to go further into the story but what I can say is that The Sixth Sense has a great storyline and will keep the suspense up until the last minute of the film. And once you realise the plot, it gets even better 😉

Sound and Vision:
With sharp details and a good contrast, the image quality of this DVD is as good as the movie at the cinema. Same goes for the soundtrack quality which is nicely spread over the surround channels and creates a warm sound.

We get to see a couple of deleted scenes including an alternative ending, interview with the director and storyboard to film comparison where a certain scene gets explained. Next to all that there’s several featurettes on the making of. Last there’s 3 trailers and an amateur movie from the director.

A must have. Even without the extras which give almost an extra hour of viewing fun this movie just has to be put in your collection

Our Score:

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