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Sixty Six

Bernie is a little kid who’s never really been noticed by anyone. One day, his parents even forgot him at the beach. However, that will soon change as his Bar Mitswa is upcoming. On that day he will be the center of attention and all the eyes of his family and friends will be looking at him as he will become a man. However, as his Bar Mitswa comes closer, problems start to arise. His dad’s little grocery store is getting heavy competition from a newly opened supermarket which almost makes him go bankrupt so there will be no huge party due to financial reasons. To make things worse, the day of Bernie’s Bar Mitswa is also the day the World Cup Finals will be held and if England gets in the finals, nobody will come…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has filmed scenes as well as original soccer footage from the 1966 cup finals but both have splendid image quality. There’s been paid a lot of attention in cleaning up the old footage and except some lack of detail and pretty soft images in those scenes there’s nothing to complain there. The new footage is spotless and looks terrific.

The sound then comes in a 5.1 track that perfectly does its job with good use of the surround speakers for music which adds a lot of atmosphere.

Only a commentary track from the director is added as extra.

Sixty Six is promoted as a comedy but I would rather call it a terrific drama. It’s a picture about misery and drama in a Jewish family, seen through the eyes of a young boy who’s preparing for his Bar Mitswa. Although there’s plenty of comedy present, it’s more the drama that will grab you and unlike most movies, this one actually will make the water rise in your eyes and give you goosebumps. The music score perfectly supports this and while you’re hoping for the best for Bernie, you’ll also be supporting for the English soccer team. Quite an amazing job done by the director.

This DVD comes with far too few extras but the overall quality of image and sound is pretty good and the movie is so terrific that I can conclude with saying that this is a must-have!

Our Score:

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