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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

1939. When several scientists disappear, journalist Polly Perkins (Patrow) starts investigating when suddenly the city of New York is attacked by huge robots. While she tries to escape, the pilot known as Joe “Sky Captain” Sullivan (Law) is called upon to help the US as nothing seems to be able to stop these mechanic monsters. After taking down one of the robots, the rest head back to where they came from and Joe returns to his base where Polly tells him this may have something to do with the disappeared scientists. As their investigation continues, they find out that they have to face the mysterious Dr. Totenkopf who believes the human race isn’t worthy of our planet and is wants to destroy it…

Sound and Vision:
The original movie was created in 1.85:1 while this dvd gives us 1.78:1 aspect ratio. However that doesn’t matter for the rest as the quality is almost perfect. The whole movie breathes a 30’s atmosphere and therefore a lot of brown and black tints have been used but everything gets perfectly shown on screen with sharp image and lots of detail.

We checked out the DTS track that’s available and must say that this equals the image quality. The track is very atmospheric and brings a very spatial sound. All channels are used as much as possible while the dialogues don’t suffer of this at all while the subwoofer supports everything nicely with a decent portion of bass.

Disc 1:
– Audio commentary by producer John Avnet
– Audio commentary by director and writer Kerry Conran

Disc 2
– Brave New World – Chapter 1 en 2: A 51 minutes making of that has been split into two parts (no idea why). Part 1 focuses on the shooting of the movie on the set while part 2 takes a closer look at the post-shooting process. Very interesting to see.
– The Art Of World Of Tomorrow: Short feature on the design of the ships, cities and robots as well as costumes and such
– Original Six-minute Short: a short movie that is the basis for the full length film and impressed producer John Avnet so much that he ordered the movie to be made
– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has a lot of big names on the cast and it was surprising that it didn’t do all too great at the box office. Now that the movie has come on DVD, the movie can lead a second life and I personally hope that it does better than at the movies.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’s biggest advantage is also its biggest problem. It’s looks and feels like a movie from the 30’s but enhanced with modern techniques. Although some people will most certainly appreciate this feeling, I can imagine not everyone will like it as such. If it doesn’t make it big time in retail shops on DVD, I wouldn’t be surprised it will become some kind of cult classic in the line of Event Horizon.

On the technical part we most certainly can’t complain so not buying this DVD because of image & sound quality, or for bad extras is simply not a good excuse. The extras are definitely worth checking out and the transfer on DVD by RCV nears perfection. Great Work!

Our Score:

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