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Sleuth (2007)

Andrew Wyke is a succesful author and as such has earned millions. However, his luck with women has ran out when his wife decided to leave him for the not-so-succesful actor Milo Tindle. Since Andrew doesn’t feel like having a divorce, he’s decided to invite Milo to his house and have a chat with him. What Milo doesn’t know, however, is that Andrew has a devious scheme in place to completely humiliate Milo…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with sharp details, good contrast and no obnoxious compression errors or grain.

The sound is clear and understandable but is a bit hollow at times which heightens the feeling that you’re watching a stage play and not a movie.


In 1972, Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier starred in Sleuth, a movie based on a stage play by Anthony Shaffer. I remember seeing that movie and finding it fantastic due to the subtle plot twists and great sparring between the two giants of British acting at the time. Come 2007 Kenneth Branagh decided to remake this film and this time Michael Caine got to play the role previously done by Olivier. As co-star Jude Law was hired and I must say that although he does a nice job, the movie didn’t manage to keep my interest as much as the original did before.

The reason for this is that while back in the 70s, the movie felt like a real movie and Olivier’s mansion was a perfect setting for the storyline. This time we get again an old mansion but inside it’s extremely modern up to the point that it feels fake. This results in the movie not feeling like a movie but rather the stage play it is based upon.

The original movie in my opinion remains clearly the better, but the oldfashioned setting might turn people off so for those there’s now this “updated” version that may bring forth some new fans of the story. For me, things are a bit too clean and hollow to make it feel real though.

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