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Stuart Conway is a brilliant scientist who has created a device that can make time go back for 10 minutes. Everything the person who touches the device is holding also goes back with him. Stuart decides to use his invention to do a bank robbery but unfortunately for him there are a couple of things he didn’t know beforehand. First of all, he’s being tailed by two agents of the FBI who have been assigned for that task as Stuart’s employers (the government) aren’t really trusting him anymore. Secondly, the bank he wants to rob gets robbed by a bunch of criminals. As you can guess, things get out of hand pretty quickly and before he realises it, Stuart has to find a way to go back in time for more than 10 minutes to be able to return things to the way they were before he started the bank robbery…

Sound and Vision:
We get pretty decent image quality without compression errors and good amount of detail. Likewise, the soundtrack is good aswell with plenty of effects during the action scenes. Nothing that really stands out but definitely decent.


I’ll confess, I love watching Vinnie Jones portraying yet another English criminal and he’s in fact the number one reason for watching this movie. Although the acting of most of the cast is decent, Vinnie Jones manages to lift the movie up to a higher ground and this is quite necessary as the plot is rather thin and the director knows it as we constantly get to see the same events over and over again with small changes that result in a different future. If you’re looking for a nice action/thriller and aren’t obsessed with having a state-of-the-art movie, you may enjoy this one. Don’t expect an A-class movie though as this movie from 2005 is getting sold for a budget price already

Our Score:

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