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Slither 2 Disc SE

A meteor lands in a forest nearby the small town of Wheelsy in the US. Nobody noticed it but when Grant Grant, the town’s richest man, wanders around in the woods, he stumbles upon a strange being that immediately attacks him. The being, which isn’t much bigger than a needle, penetrates him and nests itself near his brain and takes over Grant completely. Nobody notices, but Grant quickly starts to change and gets a huge appetite for meat. The alien wants to reproduce so Grant attacks a local women, Brendy, and infests her after which she gets prisoned in a nearby barn in the woods where Grant often goes to provide her with meat. While the rest of the town is setting up a search for the woman, Grant’s wife starts noticing strange things about her husband and warns the local sheriff Bill Pardy who’s still in love with her.

Bill and his deputies arrive just in time to obstruct Grant from attacking his wife Starla but he manages to get away. Little later animals are found dead and it’s clear that it’s Grant who’s doing the killing. Pardy and his crew set up a trap and when Grant shows up it’s clear that he isn’t the man he used to be: he’s completely transformed and now looks like some sort of octopus. Pardy, Starla and the deputies start chasing him and get lead to the barn where Brenda is held. However, the alien incubation has been completed and Brenda explodes, releasing thousands of alien slugs that attack the humans and take them over. Only Starla and Bill remain uninfected. Within minutes the whole town – except for a young girl Kylie – is taken over and it’s clear that Grant wants to take over the world…

Sound and Vision:
Dutch Filmworks delivers a decent image with good contrast and enough detail to make everything clear and visible even in the many dark scenes.

The soundtrack which comes in DTS is very nice and makes for an atmospheric experience with good use of the surround channels and subwoofer.

– Recipe for Blood
– Welcome to the Set of Slither
– The Effects of Slither
– Lloyd Kaufman’s Video Diary
– Making of Fillion Set Tour
– Extended Scenes
– Interviews with cast & crew
– Behind the scenes
– Trailers
– TV Clips
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery

Although Dutch Filmworks again adds stupid extras like Liner Notes, Photo Gallery and TV Clips, we do get some decent extras for once. The crew of Slither doesn’t take themselves nor the movie all too serious which makes for some refreshing extras that don’t have the usual Hollywood “I loved working with X, he’s terrific, blablabla”. Instead we get some fun quotes and interesting information on the production. Only minor downpoint is the fact that several of the extras contain the same footage. All in all this is one of the best releases from Dutch Filmworks up to now when it comes to the “extras” department.

Slither is made and directed by James Gun who was the writer of the remake for Dawn of the Dead. Gunn has done a good job in getting a decent crew and cast together for a movie like this and it’s clear that Slither was made as a tribute to many of the classic horror/monster movies. There’s monsters (slugs), aliens, zombies, a beautiful lead actress, a clumsy sheriff, comedy and of course lots of gore. What do you need more from a horror movie? Well, the one thing that Slither lacks is originality. Gunn has made so much effort in making a tribute that he’s lost one of the most important things for making a movie: make it original. Still, Slither is very entertaining and can appeal to a very large crowd as there’s plenty to laugh with and although there’s some decent gore, it’s so over the top that it shouldn’t offend anyone.

Dutch Filmworks delivers Slither in a nice steelbook case with a second disk that for once contains some fun and interesting extras while both image and sound quality are also up to par. Good stuff!

Our Score:

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